Vliegtuigbakens voor torenkranen

Crane beacons

Aircraft warning lights for tower crane SMIE BG15 & 30

The air-beacons are necessary equipment for all job-sites next to:

• Airports,

• Heliports,

• Hospitals,

or other situations at risk for which particular regulations are issued by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

The SMIE BG15 130 air-beacon covers all recommendations of the ICAO.

The BG15&30 set comprises:

• 1 regulator unit:

- standard power supply 400V~ (others on request)

- 1 uninterrupted output for 24V= beacons

- 1 socket output for charging 24V= batteries

• 1 or more battery units, depending on the desired autonomy

• 3 beacons (or more)

The beacons comprise a low intensity red LED lamp giving a minimum of 10 candelas with a life time of 100’000 hours.

Each beacon is supplied with a universal bracket for easy fitting on any type of crane.

Simple and quick installation:

• For the beacons:

clamping on the jib, counter jib and crane-top.

• For the electrical cabinet

On request, adaptation to any special application (uninterrupted power supply, obstacle beacons, etc.)

Consult us for any other application (stored power, obstacle markup ...).

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